25 February 2016

Cats, Cats, Cats

Hi everyone!
Today I have three different cat graphs to share with you all. I still have a few more cats graphs to share so keep an eye out for them :)
The pdf link are under each photo.

23 February 2016

Owl Friends

Hi everyone!
Owls seem to be such a trending animal for babies/nurseries for the past year and it doesn't look like it will be a passing trend anytime soon either! And why would it? They are just so dang cute!
The pdf download link is under each photo.

18 February 2016

Mermaid Graphs

Hi everyone!
I have a couple of sweet little mermaid graphs to share with you today. They are 150x150 stitches which make for a perfect kid sized blanket to snuggle up under.
The pdf link for each are under the photos.

Wise Words by Yoda

Hi everyone!
I have just finished this Yoda graph off for someone in the Repeat Crafter Me facebook group and thought I would quickly share it with you all as well :)
It is 250x250 stitches and the pdf link is beneath the photo.

All You Need Is Love

Hi everyone!

Today is Valentines Day so there's no better day to share some love graphs with you all! Below you will find snapshots of the graphs with the pdf download link underneath each one.

Hungry Like A Wolf

Hi everyone!
Today I have three wolf graphs to share with you all. They all will turn out to be quite a decent sized blanket when using either sc,hdc or tss, I don't recommend using c2c for these. Also if you are a beginner I highly suggest waiting to do the third wolf as it has a lot of colour changes and might overwhelm you.

Construction Trucks

Hi everyone!

Today I will be sharing with you 5 construction machine graphs for the construction lovers in your life. I really love the border that my partner thought of but you could always swap it or leave it out.
All the graphs are 140x150 stitches which makes for a great kids blanket.

Welcome & Beginner Graphs

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

Here I will be sharing free crochet graph patterns that I have graphed using the program PC Stitch with you all. You use these graphs to crochet a graphghan using the tapestry crochet technique which there are plenty of Youtube tutorials (linked at the end) if you aren't familiar with it.

12 February 2016

Calculate Yarn Usage & Graph

Hi all!

I forgot to add one main thing in my first beginners post. How to figure out how much yarn of each colour you will need for your graphghans! Kind of important and useful right?

Below I have listed the instructions and also included the graph pdf that I use as an example. If you have any troubles comment below and I will try and help you out :)

To calculate approximately how much yarn you need for a project you first need to know how much yarn is being used per stitch (whether it be a sc,hdc or tss) for this example I will use a sc.