18 February 2016

Welcome & Beginner Graphs

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

Here I will be sharing free crochet graph patterns that I have graphed using the program PC Stitch with you all. You use these graphs to crochet a graphghan using the tapestry crochet technique which there are plenty of Youtube tutorials (linked at the end) if you aren't familiar with it.
These graphs are the perfect size to make into small cushions or you could even make them in bright colours and connect them to make a fun shapes playmat for a baby!

The best stitches to use with my graphs are single, half-double or Tunisian crochet unless otherwise stated. It is best if you do not use a double crochet as the stitch is too tall for the width of the stitch which will inevitably make your project skew.

I always highly suggest that you do not carry the yarn but use yarn bobbins instead, this way you won't be seeing the previous colour underneath your new colours stitches.
First off I will be sharing some easy beginner graphs with you all so anybody who is interested in this fun and addicting technique can try something small and easy before jumping into a big graph.
Beginner CircleBeginner CirclesBeginner SquareBeginner SquaresBeginner CrownBeginner Hearts
 Here is the PDF for the Beginner Graphs

Thanks for stopping by and stayed tuned for new graphs!
xx Megan

Youtube Tutorials: This one is the one I learnt from

and this playlist from Mikey at The Crochet Crowd is very informative and helpful.