23 April 2016

Mothers Day Inspired Graphs

Hi all! 
Mothers Day is almost here, May 8th, so I thought there is no better time to share my graphs for you to make for that wonderfully special lady in your life with plenty of time to spare. Who doesn't love a unique handmade present? 
And to all the mums out there I hope you get everything you want and deserve on the big day! :) 
I have 4 graphs to share with you that are the perfect sizes for sweet little cushions or you could also do them in C2C for lapghan. There is also 1 big graph of a lily that would make the perfect sized blanket to gift.

21 April 2016

New Baby / Family Graphs

Long time no speak!
I have been so busy the past two months with crocheting orders that I have barely gotten time to think about anything else ie, this blog. But I am back and will be sharing with you four family themed graphs which would be perfect for a new family.
The pdf links are under each photo.